Malaysia Airlines 627 – Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Malaysia Airlines – MH 627– KUL – SIN


Boeing 737-800
Seat 24A (Economy)
Flight time: 11:10– 12:25 (11:30-12:12)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
27th August 2019


O V E R V I E W :

This trip report forms the second leg of my journey from London to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines. After spending 6 years in the UK, it was time to bid farewell as I leave the country ala Brexit (?) for good and head home for my next adventure. The journey home this time was rather interesting as I stumbled upon a good deal which extends my trip to Singapore where I decided to spend a day there arriving in the morning and coming back to KL at night. Closer to the day of departure, I received a flight re-time notification from MH where my initial 9.05 am departure will now be at 12.20 pm in the afternoon because of air space closure given that rehearsals in conjunction with National Day was due to happen. Thankfully, a quick ring to the call centre and I managed to re-book myself on the earliest departure at 11.10 am to SIN after the air space is reopened. Slightly annoyed that I will be spending less time in SG but on the bright side it meant that I could enjoy the lounge during my layover a little longer.

IMG_2961Fast forward to the day of departure, my flight from London arrived on time and I had approximately 4 hours of transit time. As pictured above, the A350 that brought me home from the UK spotted from the Plaza Premium Lounge at the Satellite Terminal where I spent my layover hours.73524693_10157540687117530_2136236885293400064_nAfter a warm shower and breakfast at the lounge, took the aerotrain to the Main Terminal Building and proceeded to my assigned Gate – G10, located at the very far end of the contact pier.74693566_10157540687122530_5428039944255832064_nNote the presence of physical white boards with the flight information in response to the system failure experienced at KLIA a few days before my flight.74840576_10157540687097530_7835041076946665472_nEquipment of the day, it has been 6 years since I last flew on a Malaysia Airlines narrow body.

73274745_10157540687127530_8614397007731097600_nAnyone else is a fan of the BSI (Boeing Sky Interior)? Love how the blue lightnings contrast the red colored seats on MH.72567751_10157540687327530_1324372609038548992_nDecent legroom for this short journey to SIN.72839949_10157540687317530_1430884705602895872_nAll on board and ready to go!IMG_3001See you in a bit, KUL.IMG_3006Did not get much chance to enjoy the IFE system on this short flight.

IMG_3008Decent offerings on MH for this short hop. Offered my packet of nuts to my neighbour after this shot was taken. At least I still have the cake to consume rather it being just a nut and water service. The banana cake tasted good!IMG_3007Descending into Singapore shortly after the end of snacks service.IMG_3012Touchdownlong time no SIN!IMG_3018Docked at T2.IMG_3017The end of an uneventful flight.IMG_3019Luggage collected after clearing immigration which did not take too long. Time to explore Jewel for the very first time before heading to the city!

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Even though this was a short flight, Malaysian Hospitality by the cabin crew was evident during interactions with passengers. Despite the close to full flight with a tight time frame to carry out the snacks service, the crew onboard remained friendly and attentive. In particular, when I asked for a landing card rather last minute whilst the aircraft was in preparation for landing, I was told by one of the crew that it has run out and that I should get it at the airport instead. However, I was surprised that she returned to my seat moments later to pass me one that she managed to find subsequently. In terms of the hard product, the seat on the B737 was comfortable on this short hop and the IFE system seemed adequate for this sector. The additional cake option on top of peanuts is greatly appreciated by someone who has a nut allergy like myself as I get to bite on something rather than just having water to drink. All in all, another good flight on MH similar to my first leg from LHR to KUL (not reviewing the first sector as I have previously covered it here).


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