British Airways 2587 – Venice to London Gatwick

British Airways – BA 2587 – VCE – LGW


Airbus 319
Seat 16F
Flight time: 19:55 – 21:10 (20:01-21:05)
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
23rd June 2017

Time flies when you are having fun, days of enjoying Italian food and culture flew by and it was time to head back to reality. Happy to have found out that BA was offering the lowest fare out of Venice to London when reservation was made, which meant I was going to fly a FSC which I rarely do on holidays given the abundance of low fares from LCCs nowadays. I guess my excitement was short lived as I recalled that my flight will be on BA post the cost cutting implemented where there will be no inflight meal/snacks on short European flights, which includes this flight. Back to square one I guess.

IMG_5800The rather modern looking Venice Marco Polo airport.IMG_5802Had to wait for a bit before the check in counters were opened as my friends and I have arrived slightly early to VCE.

img_5808A slight delay in the issuance of my boarding pass as the check in agent struggled to identify myself in the system, apparently there were a couple of Kingsley’s travelling on the same flight. :OIMG_5810Sights post clearing security and passport control.IMG_5812Had my final Italian meal at the food court which is located on the upper level within the departures concourse, well I guess it will be a better option rather than M&S’s food onboard BA later, given that I will have to pay for that as well. 😦IMG_5824Boarding soon commenced with priority passengers given the green light ahead of the others. IMG_5826Hello there little BA. Only my second time on an Airbus 319.IMG_5827The Business class seats that does not seem attractive at all to me. IMG_5828I guess you can understand what I meant on the picture above now that you have seen the Economy class seats. IMG_5830Rather tight seat pitch on the A319 for me.IMG_5833A quick look at the seat pocket contents and hey, there is something new that I have noticed on my earlier BA flights…IMG_5834Nay….give me back my complimentary light snack/food and drinks. 😦IMG_5835There is an option to pay using Avios as well. IMG_5836Well at least can you give out drinks for free? 😦 IMG_5842Everyone onboard and we are ready to go!IMG_5851Interesting discovery whilst taxiing to the runway, quite a number of private jets here at VCE. IMG_5855The uneventful flight that used to be more exciting in anticipation as to what is going to be served on board, which is now replaced by a cart rolling down the aisle with more damage to your wallet, which I happily ignored. IMG_5866As with majority of the European flights, it does not feel long before you are descending into your destination. IMG_5878Almost there!IMG_5890Back in London.

C O N C L U S I O N: 

As with previous comments on older trip reports with British Airways, the service (does not apply for this flight*) and the crew onboard were lovely. It is really disappointing that BA have removed the complimentary meal service on these European flights with replacement of the M&S buy on board, coupled with the need to purchase check in luggage which has been in place before this, makes it on par with other LCCs and downgrades its premium status in my opinion. That said, hopefully the pricing strategy it adopts down the road will be similar to LCCs, otherwise I personally would not see the point of paying any premium with the same seat I can get on a LCC.


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