British Airways 481 – Barcelona to London Heathrow

British Airways – BA 481– BCN– LHR



Airbus 320
Seat 12F
Flight time: 17:30– 18:55 (17:53-18:59)
Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes
27th December 2015

O V E R V I E W :

4 days 3 nights went by in a blink of an eye and it was time to fly back to the UK, which marks the end of my final trip for the year. This sector will be my return journey, also my 3rd flight on British Airways, and the outbound trip report from London Heathrow can be found here. BA operates from Terminal 1 at El Prat Airport, which meant I had to take the free shuttle bus provided from Terminal 2 as there is where the airport train station is located.


The shuttle bus can be packed at peak periods. IMG_7823

First look at the departures curb side drop off at Terminal 1.IMG_7826

BA counters were quite empty that day, went straight to the counter agent without having to queue. IMG_7830

Headed to security check and immigration clearance right after. IMG_7832

Not sure if it is only me but BCN had the Changi type of vibe, from this angle at least.IMG_7834

Home of Vueling.IMG_7840

Gate D12 for my flight to Londres. IMG_7841

That’s my small bird which has just arrived from Heathrow.


Another shot of the A320 whilst boarding the aircraft. IMG_7845

Having chosen my seat online during online check in, managed to get the emergency exit row window seat of 12F. Cheers to additional leg room. IMG_7847

A down side of having the em-ex window seat is that there is no arm rest attached to the seat on the right hand side and the only alternative available is a support on the door (not in picture), which is slightly further than usual and hence can be uncomfortable. IMG_7851

First time seeing a Royal Air Maroc aircraft, having docked into the parking bay next door after arriving from Cassablanca. IMG_7853

Shortly after, lifted off from BCN and en-route to LHR. IMG_7854

Like the mood lighting here. IMG_7857

Light refreshments were given out after take off, and the funny thing was that the meal was identical to the one I had on my outbound flight a few days ago. Hmm… Nevertheless, being someone who is not a fan of breads in general, it tasted excellent. IMG_7861

Being a short and uneventful flight, arrived at Heathrow on schedule and parked at Terminal 3, next to a Japan Airlines in Oneworld livery which was on push back to Tokyo. IMG_7862

Baggage collection done and it was time to head home.


C O N C L U S I O N: 

Similarly to my outbound flight, it was yet another good experience with BA, decent hard product with an even better leg room this time thanks to the emergency exit row seat. In terms of the soft product, the crew were friendly and attentive during the flight. While the catering was good, it does lack quantity and variety having being served the same meal on both my outbound and inbound flight, and this is certainly something that can be improved in the future for BA to stand out from their competition.


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