Easyjet 8270 – Copenhagen to London Gatwick

EasyJet – EZY 8270 – CPH – LGW


Airbus 319
Seat 23F
Flight time: 21:00– 22:00 (21:42-22:32)
Duration: 2 hours 00 minutes
9th April 2017

O V E R V I E W :

The short getaway to explore my very first Nordic city has come to an end after 3 days, and it was time to head to the airport for my EasyJet flight back to London. My outbound flight from London has also been on EZY and you can read about it here. One tip for anyone travelling via the metro in Copenhagen is to prepare coins as the ticket machines do not accept notes, but fret not as cards are accepted. (P/S: Might only be applicable to the Forum Metro Station where my accommodation was close to, thankfully there was restaurants nearby that were willing to give me coins for my larger DKK notes. The ticketing machines at CPH airport do accept notes.)

IMG_4470Journey time on the Metro from Forum was approximately 20 minutes.IMG_4473The metro connects to Terminal 3 but as EZY operates from T2 I had to make my way there…IMG_4477It must be due to the construction works that are ongoing, I had to walk through some rather rough paths and un-sheltered areas before arriving at Terminal 2 (There should be a proper covered pathway linking both terminals when constructions are completed). IMG_4480First impression of the older Terminal 2. IMG_4483As I have already checked in online via the mobile app and had my boarding pass in my Apple Wallet, headed to clear security in a relaxed manner having found out there has been a slight delay (30 minutes) to my flight due to the late arrival of the incoming aircraft.IMG_4487Sightings upon clearing security, note that immigration is cleared later on closer to the boarding gate.IMG_4488The land of SAS.IMG_4496Some last minute Lego shopping perhaps? IMG_4497After the dreadful walk to the LCC pier at CPH (for those that did not read about it in my outbound flight from London, it is basically the separation between the LCC gates and the FSC gates and the walk took forever as they are quite far apart), it was time to get my passport stamped. IMG_4500Now the boarding gate/holding gate is definitely a joke here at CPH (Speaking in terms of the LCC gates), such a small area to hold pax which fills the Airbus 320? Well the A320 is nothing compared to the A380 in terms of number of passengers but this holding area is definitely not suited to accommodate a completely full A320. Only a small bench provided in this tiny ‘holding cell’ and when passengers opted to sit on the ground we were told to stand in order to allow more people into the area. What a joke, and to add salt to injury the air conditioning system did not seem to work… IMG_4505Thank god my aircraft showed up soon enough and I was released from the ‘prison’ and ready to fly away.IMG_4511As usual boarding was done with both front and back doors to ease traffic and speed up boarding. IMG_4512Not the new A320 that is bringing back home to London this evening unfortunately. IMG_4513Leg room shot. I have mentioned this before but I feel like the seat pocket is a necessity when it comes to personal storage and I still cannot fathom how a direct competitor of EZY has none on board. IMG_4515A sea (or rather three) of EZYs bird dominating the LCC scene at CPH.IMG_4518Did not expect a full load given that it was a Monday night flight, but then I guess Copenhagen is quite a famous destination for weekend getaways hence the passenger numbers that night?IMG_4520A very uneventful flight en-route to London.IMG_4522Back in London after 2 hours of flying, cleared UK border in no time as there was no queue for the non-EU line (Lucky me!), and then back to reality it was as I boarded the Gatwick Express to head back to my crib.

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Once again, there was a delay but it was under an hour and thus wasn’t too much of an issue for me. That said, on time performance is definitely an area that EZY has to strive on improving. The older A320 seats were equally comfortable as the new Recaro seats that I got to try when flying into CPH. Similar to my outbound flight from London, no comments on catering as I did not try any. Cabin crew onboard were a friendly bunch and it was a pleasant but otherwise standard experience. All in all, EasyJet definitely have to step up its game in terms of its soft products in order to take over the coveted crown from Air Asia as Skytrax’s World Best LCC, given that it already has the head start in terms of the revamped hard product.


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