Wow Air 815 – London Gatwick to Reykjavik

Wow Air– WW 815– LGW– KEF 


Airbus 320
Seat 11E
Flight time: 19:40– 22:50 (20:09-23:11)
Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes
11th December 2015

O V E R V I E W :

This trip report documents my trip to beautiful Iceland during my winter break at university. I was not heavily involved in the planning of the trip (eg: flight bookings) as they were done by my travel buddies when I was busy with job interviews. Nevertheless, being an avgeek I was very happy to find out that my trip to Iceland will involve 2 different Icelandic airlines, Wow Air for my outbound journey and Iceland Air for my inbound journey. Wow Air might sound exotic to most people, it is actually a LCC based in Iceland and started flying people to and from its base in Reykjavik since 2011.


Check in counters at London Gatwick where Wow Air operates from did not have any display on for this flight and it was rather hard to identify the counters despite being led to the correct area from the display screens, if not for this hand luggage size check stand.  IMG_6937

Queue for check in was rather short and cleared security in no time. Love these new individual spaces for passengers to sort out their belongings from the tray after being scanned which really helps in improving the efficiency of the entire security clearance process, would love to see this in more airports in the future. 🙂IMG_6940

Christmas atmosphere at the departures concourseIMG_6941

A pretty cool boarding pass eh?IMG_6942

First look at the A320 that will be bringing me to Iceland.IMG_6944

Looks like it is going to be a full flight featuring the rather untidy head rest cloth/cover? IMG_6945

Rather tight seat pitch. Pretty standard for a LCC.IMG_6946

Besides the boarding pass, it can been seen here once again that Wow Air is really ‘cool’.IMG_6950

Mandatory seat pocket content shot!IMG_6957

Another evidence that Wow Air is ‘cool’. The bridge in the background kinda reminds me of KLIA2, but if I am not wrong the one in Malaysia is longer?IMG_6959

Wow, indeed!IMG_6961

Tom and Jerry was shown during the flight via the drop down panels. Any form of entertainment is appreciated on a LCC, especially when it is free. 😛IMG_6964

Had dinner at London Gatwick earlier thus did not try the buy on board offered. Got myself a new addition to my existing collection instead during the duty free sales, featuring the special all purple livery (If you have a keen eye you would have noticed that the assembly is not complete and it was done on purpose).IMG_69673 hours went by in a blink of an eye and soon the plane was descending into Reykjavik.IMG_6973

Docked next to Icelandair upon arrival. IMG_6977

Only a few counters for passport control at KEF but the queue was pretty short, probably because of the small number of flights arriving at that timing of the day. IMG_6985

A good opportunity to experience the winter madness (in terms of weather) whilst walking to the nearby car rental collection facility which is located about 5 minutes away from the terminal building to collect our rented 4WD.

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Overall it was a rather uneventful flight. While on the hard product of the airline it can been seen that it is a really ‘cool’ airline, I did not quite sense the same effect coming from the service by the crew, and it seemed rather mediocre.  Nevertheless, it is commendable that a LCC takes the effort to stand out from the crowd by being different and innovative rather than just aiming to provide low fares by trimming costs and neglect the ‘fun’ part of a flight as an enjoyable journey. Would definitely consider taking WW in the future to the US if the fare they offer via Iceland is competitive, if and only if that time comes…


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