British Aiways 2679 – Dubrovnik to London Gatwick

British Airways – BA 2679 – DBV – LGW (North)


Airbus A320
Seat 28F
Flight time: 13:35 – 15:20 (13:52 – 15:43)
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes
3rd April 2015

O V E R V I E W :
Return leg to London after spending a few days in Zagreb and Dubrovnik as part of my Easter vacation cum hitch hiking adventure with 2 other friends. Chose BA as it is one of the regular flight operators in and out of Dubrovnik, and not having to transit midway, which turned out to be a brilliant decision.

IMG_3084Off to the airport from the Old City via bus transfer (tickets bought in advance) which picks up from the bus stop near the cable car station entrance.

IMG_3090Arrived at the rather small airport after a scenic bus ride for about half an hour.

IMG_3095Fairly short queue for the BA counters. Low load? Perhaps I was just early.IMG_3097Looking forward to my first flight with BA.

10995834_10153003437977530_4123595933901932433_nCheck in was done in no time by the friendly ground personnel. Was sad to receive the Dubrovnik Airport labeled boarding pass instead of BA’s though.

IMG_3101Upon entering departures lounge after passing through the duty free area.

IMG_3103Not much activity at DBV, Croatian Airlines seen above taxiing to the runway for takeoff, after which there were no airplanes on the ground until the arrival of my aircraft from London.

IMG_3107Late arrival of the inbound aircraft, causing a slight delay to my departure time.

IMG_3111 Boarding was done by bus ferrying passengers to the plane following by a staircase climb.  IMG_3120 All boarded. “Can all ground personnel please leave the aircraft”.

IMG_3153Manual safety demo while the aircraft taxis to the runway.

IMG_3154DBV under construction. Yay to aerobridge in the future?

IMG_3162Lovely view just moments after taking off, old town of Dubrovnik sighted (bottom right)!

IMG_3148 Mandatory front pocket shot. Model aircraft not sold on this sector though. 😦IMG_3152 Not a full flight today, about 70% load. As evident above, empty seats being multi-purposeful. IMG_3151 Decent seat pitch for the short flight. IMG_3174Mid-flight cabin shot.

IMG_3169Meal is served. No options were given, only this Moroccan style roasted vegetables wrap and a Wensleydale & chutney roll available. I was expecting a full meal for the slightly under 3 hours flight. Nevertheless, the wrap and roll tasted superb.

IMG_3170 Some coke and water to accompany the meal.  IMG_3175 Toilet visit. Rather ordinary comparing to other A320 by LCCs except the BA labeled tissue box.

IMG_3182Final approach into London Gatwick after a flying time of almost three hours.

IMG_3193Plane docked at the gate after a rather long taxi.

IMG_3194Disembarked and this marks the end of my first experience onboard BA.

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Overall a great experience onboard BA, totally changed my perception towards British Airways where initially I thought it was going to be a rather monotonous flight as most of their FAs are rather senior. I found the flight to be very enjoyable thanks to the friendly and helpful FAs who were prompt to requests. Catering was good, but lacks quantity, BA should consider offering full meals in the future. No complains other than that! Would definitely consider flying the LHR-KUL route in the future onboard BA (hopefully on their new B787), I wonder if their long haul service is on par with this short haul service?


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