Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge (Melbourne)

Qantas (Melbourne) Domestic Business Class Lounge Review:

Upon checking in for my flight from Melbourne to Sydney at MEL’s Terminal 1, I headed to the Qantas Business Class Lounge. Having done some research online, I got to know that my friend who was traveling on the same flight in Economy will be able to join me in the lounge as I am allowed to bring one guest in with my business class ticket.

Excited for my very first business class lounge experience, I headed to the airport earlier than usual to allow for a comfortable 2 hours stay in the lounge to utilize the various facilities and perks available from the bubbles to the buffet spread and also the shower room.

Qantas has two types of domestic lounges: The Qantas Club and also the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge. Qantas Clubs are much more common whereas the Qantas Domestic Business Lounges are only available in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne where access is more restricted. You need oneworld Emerald status or to be flying in a premium cabin to get access to the Domestic Business Lounge.IMG_7205The grand entrance to the Qantas Club and Business Class Lounge at Melbourne. You can find the lounge on the right hand side of the departures concourse after security clearance. IMG_7206The lounge is actually located on the upper level after entering the entrance in the earlier picture. First sight of the lounge as per above after presenting my boarding pass for inspection and also informing the staff that I am bringing in a guest with me. IMG_7207Passing through the Qantas Club area, occupancy was quite high that evening with most seats taken up, the lounge has a large floor area with vast seating options. IMG_7209Walked all the way straight and I arrived at the dedicated business class lounge which features a separate entrance, offering much more privacy and was less crowded compared to the Qantas Club. IMG_7210A preview of the seating area in the Business Class lounge, note that it has a smaller floor space compared to the Qantas Club. IMG_7245The international terminal can be spotted from the lounge, featuring Emirates and Air New Zealand. img_7212The precious boarding pass that got me and my friend access into the lounge, with a lovely backdrop of the QF birds (or roos rather). IMG_7216First stop, the buffet spread with various cold and hot food options. IMG_7217Lamb skewers and pita bread was the hot food option when I just arrived at the lounge but it was later changed to Thai Green curry chicken with rice. I suppose the options change throughout the day hence the change of mains as the evening progressed.

A snapshot of some of the rounds I had. Decent food I must say but wished there were more hot food options. IMG_7223Enough said about food now, what about the drinks? 😛IMG_7229Ample amount of beverages including juices and soft drinks to alcoholic drinks were offered (including bubbles!). IMG_7231Cheers to my first pre-flight bubbles.IMG_7238Besides having the self service F&B options, I was pleasantly surprised when the staff came round with food served on small plates and also drinks like the cocktail above. Pardon my virgin business class lounge experience (perhaps this is a usual occurance in other lounges as well?) but it was definitely a nice touch. IMG_7242Sorry I couldn’t resist them bubbles before this shot was taken hence the almost empty glass. IMG_7218A mandatory visit to the lavatory. After all those free flow drinks, how can one not? 😛IMG_7219Also had a try of the shower rooms as above, felt great to have a warm shower just before flying. IMG_7243Bath towels and other amenities (toothbrush, shaver and cream) can be requested from the reception at the entrance of the Business Class lounge. IMG_7220Big shower area.IMG_7222Another angle of the shower room. IMG_7224Some other facilities available within the lounge includes a computer area. IMG_7227Interesting that there was an option to go for the Mac or Windows OS.IMG_7252Reading materials ranging from magazines to newspapers were also available at the reading corner where the windowless seating area is located. IMG_7255After approximately 2 hours in the lounge, the dark sky along with the FIDS indicated that it was time for me to head to the boarding gate for my flight to Sydney!IMG_7253A quick peek at the food options for Qantas Club on the way to the exit.IMG_7254Seemed similar to the offerings in the Business Class lounge but I did not notice any hot food options. IMG_7256A final farewell upon leaving the massive Qantas lounge here at MEL T1.



*Disclaimer: Given this is my very first business class lounge visit, I do not have any comparison to benchmark it against. 

Overall, both the Qantas Club and the Domestic Business Lounge at MEL seem to offer decent amount of facilities for status holders or pax travelling in premium cabins. The vast amount of floor space which offers a lot of seating options is very much appreciated. Staffs within the lounge were friendly, food options were good though I wished there were more hot food options. I am not entirely sure if most domestic business class lounges on other airlines offer the shower room facility but this is definitely a plus (perhaps it is available mainly for connecting passengers from other international destinations)! Also, good amount of computers available for use besides the spread of reading materials and finally a good view of the apron and the runway will mean that one can never run out of things to do in the lounge before your flight departs! 🙂


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