Air Asia X 523 – Tokyo Haneda to Kuala Lumpur

Air Asia X – D7 523– HND– KUL 


Airbus A330
Seat 37K
Flight time: 23:45– 06:10 (01:51-07:42)
Duration: 6 hours 25 minutes
4th September 2015

O V E R V I E W :

This is the return journey for my trip after spending a couple of days in the lovely capital of Japan. Following the route closure of Air Asia X from Kuala Lumpur to/from Tokyo Narita, my inbound flight to Tokyo Narita was via Bangkok on Thai Air Asia X but for the return journey back home I opted for the departure from Tokyo Haneda as the late departure allowed me to maximize my final day in beautiful Tokyo! On the morning of my final day, I received an email from D7 that my flight was retimed to 1am (if I remember correctly) on the 5th. A good news indeed! 🙂


Arrived at the airport via train.IMG_5994

Neat looking check in desks at Haneda.IMG_5996

As I arrived slightly early to the airport, the check in counters for D7 was not opened yet.IMG_5997

Time for supper at one of the restaurants on level 1. Absolutely in love with these food mock ups, really helps the choosing process. IMG_5998

Decided to go for both rice and udon as my final meal in Japan. 😦IMG_6001

Check in counters were opened shortly after and thankfully for web check in, I got to avoid the long queue at the usual side. IMG_6006

Had some time to spare, headed to the observation deck before clearing immigration. IMG_6008

Really sleek display on the way to the observation deck. Spot D7’s A330 on the far left.IMG_6018

Another cool offering before reaching the observation deck, pay to use simulators. How I wish I have one of these at home. IMG_6023

Japan Airlines heavy Haneda. IMG_6024

Not forgetting ANA.IMG_6035

Would have loved to stay at the observation deck longer but had to clear immigration for departure in a bit. IMG_6036

But first, getting some of these before going to the gate. A must get if in Japan!IMG_6042

Unfortunately, there was a further delay  due to the late incoming flight from Kuala Lumpur. Really sad for the incoming folks who are supposed to arrive around 10pm+ ended up only reaching around 1am the next day. IMG_6044

Turnaround was quick and it was time for me to board. Passing by the Premium cabin. IMG_6045

D7 should consider changing the colour scheme of their seats as they show the date of the aircraft rather quickly. IMG_6047

Quite a decent seat pitch on this Airbus 330. IMG_6050

Obligatory seat pocket shot. IMG_6053

Most of the time on this red eye flight was spent on sleeping. My pre-booked Mee Goreng was served about 2 hours prior to landing as breakfast.


Rather legit Mee Goreng but a little lacking in terms of meat offered.IMG_6056

Lovely view on descent to Kuala Lumpur.IMG_6061

For some unknown reasons we flew pass KUL  before landing. Not sure if this is part of the holding pattern?IMG_6063

Touched down after 6 hours plus of flying and 1.5 hours late from my original scheduled time of arrival.


C O N C L U S I O N: 

As mentioned previously, I could feel the same enthusiasm from the multinational crew on my flight, as with all Air Asia flights, being very friendly and professional at the same time. For this flight specifically, while I am not affected directly by the delay, D7 could have been better on its on-time performance. Other than that, it was a great flight. Oh, the walk upon arrival at KLIA2 was a pain though. 😦


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