Aegean Airlines 637– Birmingham to Athens

Aegean Airlines – A3 637– BHX– ATH 


Airbus A320
Seat 12A
Flight time: 22:15– 04:00 (22:48– 04:15)
Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes
14th June 2015

O V E R V I E W :

The time of the year has finally arrived where the summer holidays is approaching and the university year comes to an end. My friends and I were planning to travel after our final examinations before we head home, and Greece was the ultimate choice, given the wonderful history and also the exotic islands it has. A quick search on Expedia led us to two choices, to Athens via Birmingham on Aegean or via London on Ryanair. Having factored in the travel time and also the costs of travelling to London, Aegean was a better choice despite the higher fare attached to it, which equals the fare for FR and the cost of going to Stansted from the place I live, Coventry, which is only a 20 minutes train ride to Birmingham Airport.

IMG_3836 A rather short queue for tonight’s flight. Perks of being early?

IMG_3838 Only two check in counters were allocated for the flight tonight. Economy passengers were expected to check in with the kiosks, but somehow it was not functioning, hence the decision to join the queue in Business. 🙂IMG_3853 Gate opened! Excited to try another new airline, and a rather exotic one.IMG_3859 Sleek looking seats on this A320.IMG_3861 Load for this flight was about 80%.IMG_3863Mandatory seated picture. Very happy to secure this emergency exit (em-ex) seat after checking in online. Yay to additional legroom to stretch (I am 6 ft. FYI)!  IMG_3873 Normal rows seem to have a decent seat pitch.IMG_3874 Goodies extracted from the seat pocket.

IMG_3883 Pre-flight sweets were given out by the lovely crew members before take off. IMG_3884 A night view of Birmingham after take off. IMG_3889 - Copy - Copy

Late dinner was served moments after the seat belt sign was turned off. Special meal orders being delivered first as usual. Took advantage of the special meal order when booking was made and went for seafood! Absolutely delicious fish with rice and the Greek salad definitely gave me a hint on what to expect upon arrival.   IMG_3891

Some tea for tonight’s red eye flight. IMG_3892 Decided to take a picture of the tray cart as it was rather different than other airlines. Featuring the very pretty Greek crew of course. 🙂IMG_3895 Whilst queuing for the toilet, spotted this coffee making machine.IMG_3896 No personal entertainment system onboard this A320, only drop downs available showing the flight path. IMG_3897 Almost there!IMG_3899My usual habit of buying a model airplane whenever I fly a new airline. Very happy that it was available on the flight as I am flying on A3 for this sector only.

IMG_3900 Drinks were offered before landing. IMG_3904 After a quick 3 hours and 45 minutes, we are on final approach to ATH.IMG_3905 Parked beside a Speedbird A320.IMG_3907

Immigration was cleared swiftly and soon we were on our way…IMG_3908 - Copy - Copy A warm welcome from ATH. IMG_3911Rested for a couple of hours in the airport before boarding the first bus to the city centre!

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Overall a great flight with Aegean, the check in agents and cabin crews were very professional and friendly. One area of improvement for A3 would be the command of English of their cabin crews as it took them quite some time to understand my question when I asked if playing cards were available mid flight. Catering was really good and I was tempted to ask for seconds. Will definitely fly Aegean again in the future if I have the chance!


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