Thai Airways 418 & 910 – Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow via Bangkok

O V E R V I E W :

Yet another trip back home has come to an end after slightly over 3 weeks indulging in my favourite local delights besides spending quality time with family and friends. This trip report will consist of both sectors back to London but will be separated into 2 parts similar to my flight back home which you can read about here. Given that I have reported on Thai previously, this report will be rather brief. Prior to the flights back to the UK, I made sure that I amended my special meal request to seafood meals on both sectors having had my very first nut allergy attack on the BKK-KUL sector previously after getting the chicken curry option off the standard menu. Reflecting back now, I should have called up the call centre and notify them of my allergy and potentially get a nut free meal instead. :O

Thai Airways  – TG 418– KUL– BKK


Boeing 777-300
Seat 57A (Economy)
Flight time: 20:55 – 22:05 (21:00 – 22:05)
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
1st January 2019

IMG_8224Shot upon arrival at KLIA on the day of departure, which happened to be the first day of 2019. Welcomed by the rather empty check in desks for TG that evening. IMG_8225Cheers to a queue free check in! 🙂img_8227Check in was completely swiftly and I enquired regarding the possibility of getting a seat on the upper deck of the A380 on my second sector from BKK to LHR but the check in agent mentioned that those seats are locked from his access but kindly offered the emergency exit row seat at the very front of the lower deck instead which was within his control. Gladly accepted the offer and got my boarding passes in colours this time round (compared the the B&W version from LHR).IMG_8229Checked out the viewing deck whilst waiting for a friend who wanted to send me off, interesting change noted since my last visit here many years ago. More lively and welcoming compared to last time but the area was still pretty quiet in general. IMG_8236Always great to see the main terminal not dominated by the flag carrier only, competition is always good (for consumers at least). 🙂 IMG_8239Made my way to the Satellite terminal where my flight was departing from shortly after, and was irritated by the sight above, which further aggravated upon discovering that 3 out of the 3 water outlets I attempted to fill my bottle with was out of order (and mind you they were not close to each other at all). I personally feel that this is unacceptable for a major airport which boasts to provide excellent customer experience. 😦 IMG_8240A380 capable gate being assigned for my flight on the B777 that evening. IMG_8242Boarding gate was not packed despite being close to the departure time, a sign that it might be a light loaded flight which turned out to be the case. 🙂IMG_8243Pre-selected a seat from one of the few ‘couple seats’ which was rare on this 3-3-3 configured B777 for Thai, just because I wanted a window seat for this short haul and didn’t want to cause too much hassle if I were to leave my seat. IMG_8244Fortunately, my initial concern was not an issue a I had no seatmate that evening as the flight was pretty empty. IMG_8250Boarding completed in no time.IMG_8252Gotten some water to quench my thirst pre-departure from the crew which was promptly delivered after the failed ”amazing race” to hunt for workable water fountains at the Satellite terminal of KLIA.IMG_8253Seat pocket content shot. IMG_8259Post departure, my seafood meal was delivered ahead of the meals for the other passengers as per usual. As mentioned in the introduction, I changed my meals on both flights back to the UK to seafood meals after suffering from my very first nut allergy attack in the air during my flight home from Bangkok to KL. Food was great as per my previous flights but thinking back now I wished airlines also offered special meals for people with specific allergies (common ones at least) like myself just to prevent any unfortunately incidents from happening. IMG_8264Customary loo visit. Note the lovely touch of the Thai Orchid present. IMG_8266The end of the rather short hop to Bangkok. IMG_8268Just a short transit this time round and next stop, London.


Thai Airways  – TG 910 – BKK – LHR


Airbus 380
Seat 31C (Economy)
Flight time: 00:55 – 07:15 (01:00 – 06:44)
Duration: 12 hours 20 minutes
2nd January 2019

IMG_8269Headed to my boarding gate after hanging around the seating area closeby to get my phone charged using one of the power outlets available. IMG_8270Pretty packed gate indicating that the flight on the superjumbo might be close to its capacity. IMG_E8272Not a huge fan of the ”picture unfriendly” windows here at BKK, struggled to get a decent shot. 😦IMG_8276Seated on the first row of Economy Class on the superjumbo for the very first time, infinite legroom FTW! 🙂IMG_8279Sneak peek into the cockpit entrance along with the rooms where pilots rest in between shifts.IMG_8280Doors armed and ready for departure. IMG_8291One disadvantage of being seated in the front / emergency exit row would be the IFE screen being folded out from the side, which meant that one would have to look at the screen at an angled position which is not as comfortable as having the screen being at eye level. IMG_8297My pre-ordered seafood meal being delivered in advance of the other passengers as per usual. Yum yum pasta with seafood for supper. 🙂IMG_8292An overview of the front Economy cabin on the lower deck of the superjumbo where I sat, notice the slightly narrowing front due to the curvature of the fuselage. IMG_8305A couple of attempts to rest with movies in between and before I knew breakfast was served slightly under 2 hours till arrival, again my seafood meal was amazing!IMG_8308The end of an uneventful flight and I happily made my way to the luggage carousel after clearing immigration because of the short queue but was faster than my luggage unfortunately. 😛

C O N C L U S I O N: 

Similar to the experiences on my outbound flights from London back home, yet again TG has lived up to my expectations. Another special mention to the catering onboard THAI which is simply amazing, every single meal that I had on all my flights were great and it is definitely something that sets them apart from their competitors and I hope that the quality will be maintained down the road. All in all, will not hesitate to get on another TG flight down the road if their pricing is competitive!


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