Thai Airways 911 & 417 – London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur via Bangkok

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It is that time of the year again, my annual long trip back home with a slight twist this year as it was not the usual months which I would do it being August to September but actually the peak travel period of December. Having heard of how pricey airfares can be for travels during this period, I got my flight tickets as early as I could (being 6 months in advance as per work requirements). When flights survey was done, I was delighted to find out that THAI came out the cheapest with a return flight to KL via Bangkok at approximately £550.  Without much hesitation given that TG is my bucket list airline that I have yet to fly, I secured my return tickets with a longer stopover (about 10 hours) in Bangkok for my outbound journey before flying on to my final destination of Kuala Lumpur as it has been a while since my last visit and I was craving for some authentic Thai cuisine. This trip report will consist of both outbound sectors but separated into 2 parts.

Thai Airways  – TG 911 – LHR – BKK


Airbus 380
Seat 61G (Economy)
Flight time: 11:50 – 06:15 [+1] (12:20 – 05:57) [+1]
Duration: 11 hours 25 minutes
6th December 2018

img_7520On the day of departure, the first order of business upon arriving at the Queen’s Terminal at LHR was to print my boarding pass at the self check in kiosk. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for me :P), the machine was unable to read my passport and I had to proceed to the counter to get my boarding pass printed besides getting my bag checked in. Cheers to non flimsy boarding passes. 🙂img_7521-2.jpgAs there was not much of a queue at the bag drop counters, I got my baggage checked in and boarding pass printed after a short wait. To my surprise, the boarding pass design was rather simplistic to what I recall seeing online for TG with more colours. :Oimg_7522-1Christmas decor noted in full swing at Terminal 2 after clearing security. img_7526-1After the infamous long walk to the satellite terminal at T2 – the B concourse where my flight is scheduled to depart from, I got to be up close and personal with my favorite livery in the skies, even better on my favorite aircraft type. Something about the TG livery that is just very classy and elegant. 🙂img_7539-1After a rather long wait with queues stretching out of the allocated line separators after boarding was called, which seemed to be due to the heavy load (close to 100% I reckon) to BKK that afternoon, I made in to my seat towards the middle of the lower deck. img_7546-1Managed to snap a shot of my neighboring seats (I chose an aisle seat in the middle rows as usual) before the seat owners arrived. img_7551-1Quite a good legroom for this long haul flight, note that TG’s seats are equipped with footrest in Economy though I am not a fan in using them. Another plus of my seat was that the IFE box was not obstructing my legroom given its position (at my seat neighbour’s legroom compound instead). img_7550-1Amenities that were present at the seat upon boarding (not pictured was the usual headphones). A special mention to the blankets provided which are thicker than what other airlines provide, thumbs up to this. img_7558-1Mandatory seat pocket content shot, WiFI was available on the flight with a fee. img_7572-1Still in awe with the sheer size of the superjumbo even after numerous flights on it, as pictured with the view via the tail camera after push back whilst the plane taxied to the runway for departure. img_7579-1Shortly after take off, drinks service with a light snack commenced and I went for a G&T to compliment my pretzels. Very glad to find out that the snack provided was friendly towards people with peanut allergy like myself, unlike certain airlines around the region.img_7567-1Although no hard copy of the inflight menu was provided ala Emirates / Singapore Airlines, the choices available was present via the IFE. As I have pre-selected the seafood meal in order to be served first, the menu was not really applicable to me.img_7584-1Shortly after that, my seafood meal tray was presented to me. Note the bottled water that was given out as part of the tray, which I personally prefers (given the convenience to quenching thirst post meal service) than what most other airlines do by just offering a small cup(?), thumbs up to TG on this note too! Non metal cutlery was provided but it wasn’t much of an issue to me. My seafood meal tasted good overall though it was slightly underwhelming on the flavoring for my salmon main.img_7590-1My Asian-ness being apparent with a request for Green tea instead of the usual black tea or coffee option at the end of meal service. 😛img_7592-1Time for some leg stretching activities post meal service, with the first stop being a visit to the loo. Pretty standard lavatory on this THAI A380 though eau de toilette was on offer, something that seems to be fading off with most airlines nowadays as part of their cost cutting measures. img_7600-1Getting the steps count in on this long haul flight by walking up and then back down the stairs as it was barricaded on the top. Tried to get a seat on the Economy cabin upstairs but they were all taken unfortunately. img_7601-1Lights were dimmed in the cabin a couple of hours into the flight for passengers to rest. img_7595-1Feeling a little peckish after keeping myself occupied on the IFE system which offered a decent selection of movies & shows, I went to the galley and asked if there was anything for me to bite but was only given almonds as the cabin crew mentioned that the mid flight snack service will be begin shortly.img_7593-2Lovely sunrise view on the tail camera as we flew through the different time zones. img_7597-1Soon enough as mentioned by the crew earlier, I was brought my seafood meal snack, which was a salmon sandwich. Interestingly, as I gobbled down my sandwich rather quickly, I was served with another sandwich when the other passengers were getting theirs, which I politely accepted. 🙂img_7606-1After some rest and approximately 2 hours to landing, the cabin lighting was back in full swing and hot towels were provided before breakfast was served. Yet again, my seafood meal was served in advance of other passengers and it consisted of an English breakfast with a salmon omelette, taste wise this was better compared to lunch served earlier and overall it was another good meal. img_7613-1After about 11 hours in the air, I find myself back in Bangkok after my last visit being 7 years ago (though I transited at Don Muang airport back in 2015 and did not leave the airport).img_7614-1Although I felt really tired having not slept much during the flight, I was excited to clear immigration and start my food adventure in the city…


Thai Airways – TG 417– BKK – KUL


Boeing  777-300
Seat 57A (Economy)
Flight time: 16:45 – 19:55 (16:53 – 19:43)
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
7th December 2018

To be continued…


C O N C L U S I O N: 

To be concluded…


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