Easyjet 8265 – London Gatwick to Copenhagen

Easyjet – EZY 8265 – LGW– CPH


Airbus 320
Seat 14A
Flight time: 07:25– 10:20 (08:37-11:25)
Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes
7th April 2017

O V E R V I E W :

Weekend getaway to Denmark! Chose to fly EasyJet to Copenhagen as it was the cheapest option when booking was done. It is not my first time flying EZY but it will be my first trip report on the LCC which rivals Ryanair in the region. My previous flight with them was in 2014 to Italy hence I was looking forward to see what has changed since then.

IMG_3672As my flight departs from London Gatwick, the day began with a trip to London Victoria train station to catch the Gatwick express to the airport. IMG_3674Arrived at London Gatwick’s south terminal about 30 minutes later. As EZY uses the north terminal, a transfer via the free shuttle train is needed.IMG_3678EZY’s check in desks at LGW.IMG_3679As I only had carry on baggage and have already checked in via the mobile app, I decided to drop by the check in kiosk to print a physical boarding pass though I already have the e-boarding pass in my Wallet app (Boarding pass collector woes :P). Unfortunately for some unknown reasons the kiosk was unable to scan my passport for me to retrieve the boarding pass hence I had to give up on my quest. IMG_3682Security clearance was speedy and I made it to the departures concourse in no time. Decided to grab some breakfast from WHSmith before heading to my boarding gate. IMG_3683Sightings en-route to my boarding gate. Complementary copy of the local newspapers at the main concourse. Have not noticed them in Heathrow or any other local airports, I wonder if its just a Gatwick feature. :OIMG_3684Arrived at my boarding gate only to find out the my flight has been delayed due to a technical issue. Time for breakfast whilst waiting for further information to appear on the FIDS. New gate was displayed about 30 minutes later and everyone was seen rushing as it appears to be on final call, having experienced the rush for nothing before, I decided that it is purely because the system that thinks it is final call as it was close to the initial STD hence did not join the rush. IMG_3686True enough, the PA system came to live informing that my flight is not on final call and that no hurry is needed. Crossed the iconic bridge that resembles the one at KLIA2 on the way to the new boarding gate. IMG_3691New assigned gate after the equipment change.IMG_3698Up close and personal with my bird of the day in Europcar livery as boarding was not done through the aerobridge.

IMG_3702Boarding through the rear door as my seat is located at the second half of the aircraft. Took some pictures of the cabin upon boarding including one with the crew inside and was told off and had to delete it (understandable as certain airlines have strict policies) but wished the crew could have handled the matter in a more friendly manner instead of having the angry look on her face. IMG_3713Welcomed by a sleek looking cabin with brand new Recaro seats. IMG_3714Side view of the very slim seats, LCC friendly indeed as more seats can be fitted into the aircraft, hence increased potential revenue. IMG_3715Decent seat pitch for a short flight. IMG_3718The bridge at Gatwick that resembles the one at KLIA2, or should I say the one at KLIA2 resembles this?IMG_3719Mandatory seat pocket content shot. IMG_3724Safety demonstration done manually by the crew. IMG_3727Pushback after an hour from the original STD. Passed by Emirates’ superjumbo. IMG_3737Fairly standard flight after takeoff with the food and beverage cart being rolled down the aisle followed by the duty free sales. 1 thing with European LCCs is that food offerings are rather mediocre from crisps to cold sandwiches and limited hot food. With the premium charged mid-air and ordinary taste, I would personally settle for something similar on the ground without paying that much of a premium. As I already had my WHSmith meal deal breakfast at the airport, I just caught up with some sleep during the cruise and sooner than I realized it was time to descend into Copenhagen. IMG_3745Touchdown at CPH!IMG_3756Final shot of my A320 docked at the LCC pier here at CPH. IMG_3757First impression of the warehouse like terminal building, definitely catered for LCCs. IMG_3763The worst part of the airport would be that it takes ages to walk from the LCC pier to the main arrival hall of the airport. The contrast between the non-LCC area and LCC area is indeed prominent during the walk, and I feel the non-LCC area have a vibe similar to that of Changi. Pictured above 2 Asian invaders (SQ and TG) in the land of SAS.  IMG_3768Finally at the main arrivals area of CPH and got my metro ticket to my hostel!

C O N C L U S I O N: 

First of all, the delay was only around an hour thus wasn’t too much of an issue. The new seats on the aircraft is indeed refreshing, I personally find the Recaro seats to be quite comfortable but mind you my flight was quite a short one. I do appreciate that reading materials are part of the seat pocket content (unlike a certain rival that does not even have a seat pocket!), practically useful when there is no IFE onboard and a good way to pass time. No comments on the catering available as I did not try any but wished there were more hot meal options. In terms of the service by the crew, I still feel that it is not consistent by every crew member (which is the same case for most European LCCs) but in general majority of the cabin crew onboard were friendly and seemed helpful which is good. Well, we shall see if my thoughts change on the inbound flight back to London.


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