Singapore Airlines 318 – Singapore to London Heathrow

Singapore Airlines – SQ 318– SIN – LHR


Boeing 777-300ER
Seat 53H
Flight time: 12:35– 19:05 (12:55-18:49)
Duration: 13 hours 30 minutes
27th June 2016

O V E R V I E W :

Following the suspense on my previous leg into Singapore where you can read about here, I have made it to my boarding gate for my onward flight to London Heathrow just minutes before the scheduled departure time. Long story short, my flight to SIN from KUL was delayed and I had a very tight connection having only landed 30 minutes before my onward journey to LHR. Sadly, there was no buggy car that was waiting outside the gate upon arriving at Terminal 2 but just a ground staff that escorted me and 3 more pax which were connecting on to the same flight to London. After a long, long walk from T2 to T3 with a ride on the aerotrain, I finally arrived at gate A10.IMG_0445

No queue for security clearance but no surprise indeed.IMG_0446

A shot of the deserted boarding gate with all passengers already on board. IMG_0447

A peek of the B777 that will be flying me to London. I chose to fly on the B777 as I wanted to try the latest product offerings. (Note that they were only available on selected variants) IMG_0448

Unfortunately there was no luck for me this time round as my equipment is not equipped with the new offerings in terms of seats and IFE. Passed by Business Class whilst heading to my seat and was quite jealous of this young boy who had the privilege to fly in J class, wondering when will my first time be? 😛IMG_0449

Leg room shot at my aisle seat. Changed my seat to an aisle seat on the 3 seat row having noticed the other 2 seats being empty close to departure day but sad to find out that the window seat is occupied, no flat bed to myself. 😛IMG_0454

As usual, the pre-departure hot towels were handed out along with the menu.IMG_0455

Did not opt for the seafood meal for this flight as I wanted to try the options on the menu itself which is rather impressive on SQ with the 3 choices in Economy. IMG_0458

However, only 1 meal service has 3 options and the other ‘light dinner’ or second meal service has only 2 options to choose from. IMG_0459

Appreciate the vast amount of storage space available as illustrated above for the menu card.IMG_0461Soon after lift off, a drinks service commenced and I went for the signature Singapore sling. IMG_0462

After that, lunch service was followed and I went for the fish option in the menu. A rather weird inconsistency as the menu described the option to be fried rice along with the fish but I just cant seem to relate on how the above is fried rice?  It seemed and tasted more like brown rice to me :O Excellent catering though as per my previous leg from LHR-SIN!IMG_0464

It was then time for the most anticipated desert/ice cream distribution! Very happy that there were no nuts in the ice cream offerings or perhaps I was just lucky to be on these flights and they do serve some with nuts sometimes?IMG_0466

It was pretty much an uneventful flight where I was just enjoying the IFE onboard besides trying to nap the rest of the time. The above ‘snack bar’ was located near the galley towards the end of the B777.IMG_0469

Took the opportunity to try out the offerings. Pretty decent selections I would say!IMG_0471

Light dinner was served about 2.5 hours before landing and I went for the braised beef with noodles option. Again the catering was excellent and the portion was reasonable though it was labelled as a ‘light’ meal. IMG_0472

Almost there after meal service was completed.IMG_0473

C O N C L U S I O N: 

As per my previous long haul on SQ (you can read about it here), I would say that once again SQ lived up to my expectations. In terms of the hard product and in particular the B773, it was satisfactory and the interior of the cabin seemed to be well maintained. On the IFE, it is definitely not the most advanced available at the moment and I wished that my equipment was the one with the latest generation seats and IFE. 😦  The crew on my flight did provide a good service throughout though I felt that it is not consistent among all the FAs onboard this time round. It was another enjoyable journey on this long haul and I look forward to my next SQ flight, hopefully in the near future and on their latest cabin with the newest IFE! Well,  provided that their ticket price is competitive. 🙂


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