Emirates 38 – Birmingham to Dubai

Emirates–EK 38–BHX–DXB 


Boeing B777-300ER
Seat 46G
Flight time: 21:20– 07:15 (21:27-06:33)
Duration: 6 hours 55 minutes
21st June 2015

O V E R V I E W :

Having completed my second year as an undergraduate and after coming back to the UK from an enjoyable holiday in Greece, it was time to head home for the summer break. If you have read my previous reports, you will be aware that I am residing in Coventry which is just a stone’s throw away from Birmingham, thus it is very convenient for me to fly from Birmingham’s Airport instead of London. Being a loyal customer of Emirates and a member of Skywards, Emirates’ competitive air fare meant that I have to give up in trying a new airline this time (which I want to badly :P). For about £470, I secured tickets for my journey back and from home (BHX-KUL & KUL-BHX after 3 months), via DXB of course.


A swift check in at the Emirates counters located at the far right of the terminal building.img_4943

I really hate these flimsy boarding passes, I thought they were only used by LCCs? Anyways, baggage and myself checked in to Kuala Lumpur.IMG_4944

Air India’s dreamliner seen here on her way back to New Delhi with the aerobridge featuring an advertisement by my business school. IMG_4947

Some of EK’s crew spotted walking towards gate 44 to start work.IMG_4948

EK 38 to Dubai is now ready for boarding…IMG_4957

For some reasons boarding was done via the rear door as well for my zone (those seating towards the end of the plane). It is quiet a pain if you have carry on luggage as you need to climb down flights of stairs before reaching the tarmac and then climb up again. IMG_4958

Unlucky me. Older version of IFE (In-flight entertainment) on board this B777 tonight.IMG_4962

All on board and we are ready to taxi to the runway.IMG_4976

Before that, lets explore what goodies are available on your seat. Stickers that can be used as a signal for the crew to take note and a decent stereo headset.IMG_4968

Mandatory seat pocket content shot.

IMG_4973 IMG_4974

Prior take off, hot towels were given before the menu of the flight. The menu was not in use for me as I have pre-booked my seafood option for this sector. IMG_4965

After a quick taxi to the runway, we were on our way to the skies!IMG_4971

Flight map for this flight. IMG_4979

Here comes the disappointment. Despite being ahead of the other passengers by having a special meal ordered which was delivered first, my seafood option tasted so bland I wondered if the chef tasted it before packaging? Thank god for the dessert that saved the day.

IMG_4978 IMG_4981

Some other goodies that came along with the food tray and my drinks option. IMG_4986

Soon after the meal service wrapped up, cabin lights were dimmed and mood lighting was on.  IMG_4987

About an hour before landing, I was feeling a little hungry and asked for cup noodles, it was then that I found out they were only available on flights to/from Asia. However, the lovely FA came back with these and I was impressed indeed. IMG_4989

About 7 hours since departing Birmingham, here am I in Dubai again (transiting) for the XXth time. One day I must leave the terminal building and explore this beautiful city!IMG_4990

Just when I thought I am safe and sound, the horror kicked in when I noticed the plane parked at a remote stand.IMG_4992

Yes, it meant that I have to endure a painful trip on the packed bus to the terminal building.IMG_4993

About 3 hours in transit before my onward flight to KUL…


C O N C L U S I O N: 

Generally another good flight on Emirates despite the let down on the seafood meal which was a first, hopefully I will not experience that it the future. As usual, the crew did an amazing job and was prompt to calls, on this particular flight I was really impressed with what I was given when I told one of the FA that I wanted something to bite. Nothing much to complain on the IFE but the lack of content compared to the new generation ones and I wished that my aircraft was equipped with them. Next stop, Kuala Lumpur!


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