Brussels Airlines 2094 & 2095 – London Heathrow to Brussels vv.

O V E R V I E W :

Every long weekend is a temptation to travel, with an amplified effect being in the UK given the rarity that it happens compared to back home in Malaysia!  For the one last Christmas which saw a 4 days break, I decided to embark on my very first solo trip to Brussels, with the main reason of this being a solo trip is due to the fact that most of my friends have visited this city before. Nevertheless, booking was made a few months in advance and Brussels Airlines was the cheapest option for my intended dates, which also meant that I get to tick off another new airline that I have yet to fly, injecting more excitement for this trip to the avgeek in me. 🙂

Brussels Airlines – SN 2094 – LHR – BRU


Airbus 320
Seat 12A
Flight time: 11:05– 13:10 (11:34-13:12)
Duration: 1 hours 05 minutes
24th December 2017

IMG_0162Fast forward to the day of departure, checked out the FIDS upon arrival at the Queen’s Terminal. IMG_0163Proceeded to an unoccupied self check in kiosk to retrieve my boarding pass. Counter usage at T2 of LHR is only applicable for baggage drop if you are travelling in Economy class or other premium cabins. IMG_0166As usual with the self check in kiosks, the process was very swift and hassle free. I have previously chosen my emergency exit window seat when online check in was performed, thankful for the luck though it was just a short hop and leg room will not be too much of a concern. img_0168.jpgA pretty basic boarding pass by SN. IMG_0170Security clearance next!IMG_0172As with my previous experience departing from T2, the security clearance process is quite quick without too long of a queue which is nice, or was it just me that is lucky on these occasions? 🙂IMG_0173Christmas decor all up in the terminal.IMG_0174A quick detour before heading to my boarding gate, to refill my water bottle at the water dispenser next to the WCs. Might have mentioned this previously on another trip report departing from LHR, but thumbs up indeed to Heathrow for having this across their terminals. IMG_0177Had some breakfast at the nearby LEON before heading to my departure gate.IMG_0180Surprise, surprise! A special livery is ferrying me to Brussels this morning. Wuhoo! 🙂IMG_0187Boarding was called soon after which I was happily seated at my window em-ex seat. IMG_0189#windowseatviewIMG_0190Seat pocket content shot. Hmm, where is my vomit bag? IMG_0195One of these models will soon be added to my collection. 🙂IMG_0198Morning rush hour at LHR, with about 10+ departures before mine, which inevitably caused a slight delay to the departure time.IMG_0205Up in the air about 30 minutes after STD. IMG_0208Cabin service in full swing after the seat belt sign was turned off, with complimentary F&B for Business Class passengers and certain Economy Class passengers that purchased a pricier fare type. Interesting to note that these passengers were allocated seats towards the front of the aircraft and indicated by the sign above as a stopping point for the crew when they perform the service.  IMG_0209Without realization, I was just moments away from exploring Brussels. Interesting spot above after landing at BRU, with the Dreamliner of Ethiopian and its rival A350XWB of Thai. IMG_0211Passport control was a breeze, and I was on my way to the city centre after approximately 15 minutes in queue. IMG_0212Time to check out the city of Brussels.


Brussels Airlines – SN 2095 – BRU – LHR


Airbus 319
Seat 20C
Flight time: 16:55 – 17:05 (17:03-17:01)
Duration: 1 hours 10 minutes
26th December 2017

IMG_0530A totally random coincidence, but just realised the timings for my train from and to the airport was exactly the same at 14:13. Anyways, time to bid farewell to Brussels after a short but sweet stay. IMG_0538Love this split-flap display ala the one at Changi. IMG_0539First things first, to get my boarding pass. Did not secure an em-ex row seat this time round and settled for an aisle one when I checked in online.IMG_0543Security clearance.IMG_0545Process was done in an efficient manner and lines were moving quite quickly. IMG_0548Some of the different airlines operating at BRU spotted (Lufthansa, Alitalia, Emirates).IMG_0549An interesting piece spotted within the departures concourse, The Smurfs! Not surprising given that it is a Belgian pride.IMG_0556Arrived early at the still empty boarding gate. IMG_0562Good to know that my baby bus to London is already present with me at the gate. IMG_0568A nice touch in conjunction with Christmas noted upon boarding. IMG_0570Decent leg room for this short hop back to London.IMG_0572Boarding completed and it was a full load.IMG_0573Spotted a coat hanger at the side of the seat that I did not notice during my outbound from London on the A320. Thumbs up!IMG_0574Managed to get my souvenir from the lovely crew despite being busy with the service on such a short flight. IMG_0575Back in London after slightly under an hour of flying.


C O N C L U S I O N: 

Prior to securing my tickets for the flights, I had the impression that Brussels Airlines is a full service airline, but it is actually somewhat hybrid where the lowest fare type only comes with your seat excluding F&B and check in luggage ala British Airways. Hence, be sure to make proper judgement when performing price comparisons before making your decision! Overall, both sectors which were short hops were pretty uneventful but pleasant. Both the outbound and inbound equipment seemed clean, seats were comfortable and the additional touch noted in the cabin in conjunction with Christmas is appreciated. Yet again with most of my European flights, where I abstain from purchasing any F&B onboard if my ticket does not include them given the premium they come with along with the lack of interesting choices to satisfy my demanding taste buds, thus no comments would be available on that aspect. However, in terms of the soft product, the cabin crew on both sectors conducted themselves professionally and were friendly. Just have to highlight this again despite mentioning it towards the end of this trip report, very happy that SN stocks up duty-free items on the aircraft for such a short flight which typically is not the norm, or perhaps it was just my lucky day?!


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