Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House (featuring the Top 4 tips!)

Terminal 4 would be the latest addition to its existing 3 well functional terminal buildings here at Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Scheduled to open its doors end of this month (31st October 2017), I had the privilege of getting a pre-opening tour of T4 at the Open House which was held for a couple of weeks back in August.

The site in which T4 was constructed is actually the previous Budget Terminal that served low cost carriers including Tiger Airways (now known as Scoot).

I personally traveled through the then budget terminal on various occasions during my trips to Singapore and remember it being very basic, hence the excitement to check out how it will be transformed into a larger, full service terminal building to cater for Changi’s growing traffic.

The list of airlines that will shift operations to T4 includes Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific Airways, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines and Spring Airlines.

Below are my top 4 tips if you happen to step foot at this very terminal building when it opens its doors:

1) Plan

As the terminal building is situated quite a distance away from the other 3 terminals at Changi, there is no aerotrain services from T1, 2, 3 to T4. However, there is a complimentary 24 hours bus service that runs between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. Otherwise, T4 is accessible via public buses, car and taxi.

Definitely plan ahead if your flight departs from/arrive at Terminal 4 and allow for some travel time if you intend to travel via the MRT and have to take the complimentary bus service from/to Terminal 2.



2) Try

Given that Terminal 4 adopts futuristic travel experiences, automation is a key feature right from checking in for flights up to the boarding gate. The FAST (Fast and Seamless Travel) experience offers self-service options for departing passengers.

Give the sleek looking check in kiosks a few taps in order to print your boarding passes, luggage tags and tag your own bags before heading over to the automated bag drop kiosks to check your bags in after your identity has been authenticated by the machine.

Fret not if you encounter issues when performing the above as on duty personnel will be able to assist should you require. 🙂

Automated immigration lanes is also available with facial recognition for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass Holders or Visitors whose fingerprints are registered with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, and can subsequently scan their boarding pass at the boarding gate through authentication by the facial recognition system as well.

The introduction of a centralized security screening here at T4 is a key distinction from the other 3 terminals with security clearance done at the boarding gate. Whats better is that with the new CT technology, laptops and tablets can remain in the bags for a hassle free screening experience! This is definitely something that I will appreciate given the trouble it takes to remove my laptop from my luggage whenever clearing security.







3) Explore

Being the flagship terminal for innovation and technology, the T4 experience is definitely something that you would not want to miss out on.

Say hello to the automated cleaners that keep the terminal sparkling clean if you spot them and who knows, they might reply?!

Explore the terminal building and you will find yourself amazed by the Immersive Wall that is located at the centralized security area, the Heritage Facade featuring the Peranakan Love Story production just before the boarding gates, the Petalclouds which is a kinetic sculpture that can be seen from the Departure Check-in Hall, Transit Area and Arrival Hall.

Not to mention various other sculptures that you will encounter through your exploration of the terminal right from the check in concourse up to your departures gate or even when you arrive and passing through immigration up to luggage collection until you leave the terminal building.












4) Relax

Be pampered by the various seating options at T4 before your flight and enjoy the sights surrounding you at the same time. Feeling hungry at odd hours during the day? No worries as the 24 hour food options are ready to serve your cravings!

Stay hydrated by heading to one of the water fountains which are conveniently located outside the W.Cs.

Avgeeks would be glad to know that T4 resides next to the runway hence the good opportunity to plane spot whilst waiting for your boarding gate to be opened. 🙂

Keep calm and follow the clear signages in multi-language as you wander around the terminal.










All in all, T4 is yet another impressive terminal building which definitely makes Changi stands out from the rest of the airports worldwide. No doubt that this new terminal would strengthen its position as the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax.

Looking forward to the completion of the Crown Jewel project and subsquently Terminal 5!


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