British Airways 1455- Edinburgh to London Heathrow

British Airways – BA 1455– EDI– LHR



Airbus 321
Seat 17D
Flight time: 16:15– 17:40 (18:05-19:27)
Duration: 1 hours 25 minutes
30th January 2016

O V E R V I E W :

After spending the night at one of the backpackers hostel in Edinburgh, it was time to head back to university. As my flight was scheduled to depart late afternoon, I had time in the morning to explore parts of Edinburgh and it actually snowed in the morning!  🙂 Having flew into Edinburgh on FlyBe from Birmingham, my inbound flight will be on British Airways as I wanted to check off a new aircraft on my list, the Airbus 321, which only operates 1 out of the many daily EDI-LHR vice versa route, the rest being the usual A320.


Arrived at EDI from the city via tram and headed to the self check in kiosks for BA.IMG_8212

All set, lets go!IMG_8214

Having printed my boarding pass, headed straight to security clearance as I had no check in baggage to drop off. IMG_8216

Very efficient and organized security queuing process at EDI, which can be seen at more airports in the UK now. IMG_8217

Another feature in most UK airports (and perhaps around the world?) nowadays to ensure a better flow of passengers going through security. IMG_8219

Arrived at my assigned gate featuring my equipment of the day with some signs of bad weather looming in the background.IMG_8221

Boarding was called on time and I took my time before boarding (thinking that I will be directed to board through the aerobridge to speed up the process) having noticed the boarding process involved the rear door of the aircraft which is not connected to an aerobridge, which wasn’t ideal on that day given the unusually cold weather with some drizzle. IMG_8223

Unfortunately, I was still directed to board through the rear of the aircraft because of my seat row despite being one of the last few to board the aircraft, thus had to brave the cold.


Legroom shot on my very first flight on board an A321. Load was pretty full and everything seemed to be going as planned at this point.IMG_8227

Flight map was shown on the drop down panels and moments later after push back we received an update from the captain that there has been some technical issues and we had to return to parking position at the stand for engineers to come on board and resolve the problem. After the issue was resolved, the captain came back with more bad news, and there will be further delays to our departure and a revised departure time of 7pm was given as there is a single runway operation at Heathrow following an emergency landing by a British Airways because of faulty landing gears.


At this point, drinks and snacks were given out to passengers and a number of passengers were seen considering leaving the flight and board the next flight back to London on EasyJet. The captain walked through the cabin and explained the situation and answered any queries which I thought was very professional. About 1.5 hours after our scheduled time of departure, the captain informed that we are ready to go and was given an earlier slot but can only do so after the deice of our aircraft is complete, given that ice have been formed due to the abnormally cold weather in Edinburgh on that day.


Once airborne, it was an uneventful journey to LHR and snacks and drinks were served once again. Yay to double meal service on a short flight! 🙂IMG_8229

Lovely mood lighting en-route to Heathrow. IMG_8233

Upon docking at Terminal 5  (my very first time here!) after approximately 1.5 hours in the air, the captain stood at the aerobridge to bid farewell and apologized once again for the delay to our journey, was which an excellent touch indeed.


C O N C L U S I O N: 

This is by far the most eventful flight that I have ever taken in my life, given the number of different events contributing to the delay to my journey. Nevertheless, the service by the crew was on point and for this flight in particular, I have to commend the captain for taking the extra mile to make sure that his passengers are happy. On the A321, the seat pitch seemed similar to the A320, just that it takes you longer to reach the W.C if you are sited in the middle rows of the aircraft given that it is a longer version of the 320. Not much to say regarding the catering for the flight as it was a short hop besides it being sufficient. With the latest news on BA intending to sell food onboard for most of its European flights starting next year, LCC style, I wonder if their air fares will then be on par with other LCCs in the region?


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