Plaza Premium Lounge (KLIA – Satellite)

Plaza Premium Lounge (Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Satellite Terminal) Review:

Thanks to my American Express Gold Card that comes with 2 complimentary lounge visits by Lounge Club, I was able to enjoy lounge access prior to my flight back to the UK earlier this year. Upon checking in for my flight to London at KLIA, I made my way to the Plaza Premium Lounge after taking the aerotrain over to the Satellite Terminal. This is my second Plaza Premium Lounge visit after my first one in London which is reviewed here, I managed my way to the lounge easily thanks to the signages available at the Satellite Terminal.

IMG_2166Entrance to the Plaza Premium Lounge at the Satellite Terminal, which is on the first floor of the terminal. IMG_2168First stop upon entering the lounge, checking out the hot food on offer. Sadly, Nasi Lemak was not ready when I was there. 😦IMG_2169Cold food spread includes a salad bar and some sushi selections. IMG_2170Soup and juices next to the cold food options. IMG_2172A variety of seating options available with dining tables being closer to the food spread and sofa seatings towards the inner side of the lounge. ESXP1937Waited patiently for sun rise so that I can feast my eyes with parked aircrafts outside. Food was decent but nothing to shout about, thumbs up to the variety offered though (Malaysian, Japanese, Western). IMG_2179Quite a busy lounge given it is the morning peak with most departures out of KLIA around this time of the day. IMG_2174Migrated to the more comfortable sofa area for my second round of food. IMG_2178Sun rise! Good place to plane spot from, note the double trouble (ANA and Xiamen Air), a very rare sight I would say?!IMG_2167W.Cs and shower rooms are located towards the end of the lounge. However, the shower rooms were under maintenance during my visit and I was offered the use of showers at the Wellness Spa nearby instead as an alternative, didn’t realise the affiliation until then.  IMG_2180After a quick call by the receptionist at the lounge across to the personnel at the Wellness Spa, I was given the direction to the Spa (approximately 2 minutes walk away) and was greeted by a staff who was already expecting me. I was then allocated a spa room which had a shower inside, and was pleasantly greeted by the A350 (not the one in special livery though) that will be bringing me back to London as above! IMG_2182Feeling lucky to be able to utilize the shower room here instead of the one at the lounge, given the larger than usual space and lovely view here. IMG_2183Even comes with a Japanese style toilet seat. IMG_2184Separated shower area inside the room.  IMG_2185Hot shower before a long haul flight, one cannot say no. 😛IMG_2187Good to know that amenities are readily available within the room itself.



Overall, I was satisfied with my visit to this Plaza Premium Lounge and similar to the one I visited at London Heathrow T4, it has ticked most if not all of the boxes of what you would expect at a lounge (note that some features like the business working areas with computers available and literature selections were present but not pictured in my review). The staff within the lounge were friendly, and particular helpful when it came to my shower request instead of just a turn down (not sure if this it is a usual practice to redirect people to the Wellness Spa when the shower rooms within the lounge are not in use) which was appreciated. For some reason I personally felt that the lounge was quite dimly lighted when I was there, not sure if it had to do with the time of the day? Also, the layout of the seating areas can make it feel slightly cramped when the lounge gets busy. Food wise, decent overall and sufficient to fill your stomach just before flying. This might not be too relevant for the lounge but I enjoyed the showering facility at the Wellness Spa thanks to the space available and the fact everything I needed was already in the room made it really convenient. All in all, I would recommend this lounge for use and would personally re-visit in the future if I get the chance.


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